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Past, Present, & Future

Traditioally, content creators have had only two options.

  1. Find a publisher and make a deal that will sacrifice autonomy, profits, and liscensing rights.
  2. Self Publish and struggle to figure it all out. Do everything needed to operate, from purchase ISBNs, to setting up a business licesnce, to deciding on payment options, to... a hundred other things. And after all that work, suffer limited exposure.

At Stogle Studios, we beleive neither of these options are good enough. The internet and digital tools should be releasing content creators from these limits, but with few exceptions, it just hasn't happened. Instead, the internet has shifted the market towards add based serial content, like blogs. This is great for many people, but for some the time spent every week pushing something, anything, up to that blog is time away from writing the Great American Novel.


Our mission is to provide self publishers with the means to assist each other. Publish companies have a giant advantage in their ability to move works into print. While self publishers often struggle just to get ISBNs or navigating Amazon's complex mess of Publishing tools. Take ISBNs for example. ISBNs from Bowker are priced in teirs. A single ISBN costs $125, but a thousand costs $1,000. So if your a big publishing house obtaing ISBNs in bulk you can outfit product with an ISBN for one dollar. But if you're a self publisher, just trying to put a modest collection of poetry on iBooks you pay $125 for that ISBN, selling a handful of copies minius Apple's cut leaves you unlikely to even break even.

Stogle Studios can allow content creators the ability to collective bargin like the ISBN example. Comic Book creators can set up a method of splitting the costs of aquiring a booth at a Comic Con. And not just the financial costs but the time and research. They can split up tasks like booking, decorating, etc so that no one artist has to figure it all out and then do it all.

Brandon Gaius Ogle

Here’s me in a nutshell, I’m a maker. I deeply enjoy making things. I also get excited by learning knew things, but learning and making are intertwined, perhaps the same even. It’s summed up perfectly in a quote from Richard Feynman, “What I cannot create, I do not understand”. That's what I love about web development. It's constantly charging ahead, and you have to run to keep up.

Joan Stevens

I design layouts for offset press and digital work flow. Consult with customers to determine desired format and appearance of final product. Using knowledge of advanced page layout and typography, make format recommendations to customer to ensure that documents representing Kaiser Permanente are of maximum clarity, quality, and visual impact.